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Living with a Birth Injury Providing Your Family with Exceptional Resources & Representation

Living with a Birth Injury

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After a child is injured before, during, or after delivery, families need reassurance about their child’s quality of life. The great news is those with birth injuries have numerous resources, therapies, strategies, and other solutions for living a comfortable, fulfilling life.

Accomplishing Daily Tasks

If an infant suffers from physical limitations due to their birth injury, occupational therapy is one of the most useful treatments they’ll ever get. Occupational therapy helps individuals cope with their physical limitations by teaching them how to accomplish tasks and work with their disabilities. These tasks may include daily activities such as making meals, getting dressed, taking showers, and brushing teeth. This empowering therapy provides mobility-challenged children with the ability to live with more independence, confidence, and self-empowerment.


While some face the challenges of physical injuries, others have cognitive issues to overcome. In the United States, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act guarantees that all children with special needs will receive a customized education plan to suit their needs, including the help of a special needs education specialist. IDEA give those who suffer from birth injuries the opportunity to get a quality, comprehensive, and compassionate education.

Living at Home

Those with birth injuries may require special equipment to live at home. If your child is wheelchair-bound, making your home as accessible as possible helps them feel like their home is truly theirs. Children with physical disabilities can have access to your entire home through the help of assistive devices such as customized toilets, chairs, beds, and other pieces of equipment. Occupational therapists will also provide you with recommendations for accessories that will make your child’s daily life much easier.

Financial Recovery May Be Available

While numerous grants exist to help children with special needs, there are other ways to secure the financial stability needed to raise a child with birth injuries. When a child is injured at birth, it is almost always due to a mistake made by a medical provider. Birth injuries happen when someone fails to administer medical care properly, and that the situation could have been prevented if this person made the correct choices.

A birth injury attorney can help you receive compensation from those who are responsible for your child’s birth injuries. Losses from medical bills, future care needs, and time lost at work can be obtained with a successful medical malpractice case. However, to get everything you’ll need, you have to call an experienced birth injury lawyer with intimate knowledge of the healthcare industry. You shouldn’t say yes to the first lawyer that takes your case. Instead, Birth Injury Guide helps people find the most accomplished birth injury lawyers in their communities so they can be sure that their case is being handled by someone who gets results. Because birth injury lawyers cover the cost of each case upfront, clients don’t have to pay a dime to hire a lawyer; that means you can hire the best lawyers for your case, regardless of your financial situation.

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