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Birth Injury Treatments Providing Your Family with Exceptional Resources & Representation

Birth Injury Treatment

Find a Birth Injury Attorney and Fight for the Compensation of Your Child’s Treatment

Time is vital when it comes to birth injury recovery. Making sure a child is treated as soon as possible for their birth injuries helps enable the best recovery possible. In some instances, the chances of recovery improve with prompt treatment. Combining quality diagnosis from a trusted doctor along with a timely response is your child’s best chance at a successful recovery.

However, not every family has the resources for prompt treatment. In many cases, a baby may need to undergo various costly tests just to diagnose their condition, and that’s prior to any treatment. Some forms of treatment may be minimally covered by the health insurance provider, leaving families with few options. Severe injuries may not be fully recoverable, requiring families to manage their child’s health for the rest of his or her life.

Below are just a few of the potential treatment options injured infants will need after a difficult delivery:


With an accurate diagnosis of a birth injury, surgery is one of the most effective ways for a child to recover. If nerve damage from a brachial plexus injury is severe enough, physical therapy will not solve all mobility issues, so surgery may be the only path for a child to fully recover. Nerve grafts, nerve transfers, or muscle transfers may help a child regain sensation or the use of an arm. Surgery is also a crucial way to relieve pressure on the brain if a fractured skull or physical trauma have caused an infant’s brain to bleed.


Medication is a crucial tool that can help a child mitigate their symptoms. While medication does not always produce a permanent solution, its use can prevent seizures, slow or stop muscle spasms, and loosen tensed-up muscles. With the right medication, a child will be able to live a more comfortable life.

Physical & Occupational Therapy

Physical therapy is an important treatment for those suffering from birth injuries that affect the body’s ability to move. Those suffering from conditions such as cerebral palsy often benefit significantly from physical therapy. With regular therapy, children can regain muscle strength, develop better mobility, and gain more control of their body. In some instances, physical therapy may even promote the return of sensation to the limbs and help reduce pain.

Occupational therapy is also great for teaching children how to live with their disability. In occupational therapy, a child will learn how to accomplish daily tasks successfully. By doing this, children are given a strong sense of independence and learn to live a full, active life despite their injury.

How Do Families Afford Birth Injury Treatment?

One of the largest obstacles that parents face after their child has suffered a serious birth injury is finding the money to pay for expensive medical treatment. Every parent wants their child to have the best medical care, but this care is not always affordable. With the help of an experienced birth injury attorney, families can hold the medical professionals that caused the birth injury accountable and recover the money their child needs for quality treatment.

Though affordable treatment may seem out of reach, quality legal help is not. Because birth injury attorneys cover all the costs of each case (and only take a fee if they win), families of all financial situations can afford to hire quality representation. Experience is important, and a great attorney will know the right questions to ask, tests to request, and other steps to take to ensure that your child receives the compensation he or she needs for effective recovery and a comfortable life.

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