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Helping Parents Find the Nation’s Leading Birth Injury Attorneys

After a birth injury, parents often feel like they have more questions than anyone can answer. Birth Injury Guide is a source that families rely on during the most difficult times of their lives. No one expects the delivery of their baby to cause injury, and no one should have to witness their child face a long recovery so early in their lives.

Birth Injury Guide helps parents find the attorneys who are the best at getting justice and winning results in birth injury cases. Many people choose the first attorney who answers the phone, regardless of their track record or birth injury experience. However, since a medical malpractice attorney doesn’t collect fees unless they win the case, families have the ability to pick the lawyer they need instead of the one that takes their case first.

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Why Do Birth Injury Cases Matter?

Birth injuries cases matter for two reasons. First, they help families financially recover from the most difficult situations a parent will ever face. Doctor’s appointments, hospital visits, and other expenses quickly add stress to parents who want to help their child get better. When parents miss or quit work and their income shrinks, their debts accumulate. It doesn’t have to be this way. Birth injury attorneys help families stabilize their finances, so they can truly focus on recovery.

Second, birth injury cases hold medical providers accountable. If the medical staff makes harmful mistakes and never answer for it, they may make the same mistakes again. Lawsuits keep hospitals honest and force them to change poor or unsafe policies. Birth injury cases are more than a dispute for finances—they seek justice and improve patient safety.

Common Birth Injuries

There are various injuries that occur in the delivery room. Though they have different causes and symptoms, they have one thing in common: they are preventable.

Common Birth Injuries include:

If your child suffered any of these injuries before, during, or after the delivery process, we are ready to help. Call us today at (844) 243-9993 to find out more.