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Birth injuries are always difficult, whether they have temporary repercussions or cause lasting damage that changes a child’s life. After a birth injury occurs, families deserve answers from the individuals who oversaw their child’s healthcare before, during, and after delivery. Excuses don’t help families, but the truth will unlock a path to recovery. Birth Injury Guide is ready to connect you with the best Maryland birth injury attorneys, so your family has the answers they need, and your child receives compensation for the healthcare they deserve.

Our network of Maryland birth injury lawyers has successfully resolved cases involving:

The best legal help does not cost more. Call Birth Injury Guide today at (844) 243-9993 to find the best Maryland birth injury attorneys for your case.

Help is Available from the Best Maryland Birth Injury Attorneys

Birth injuries are too common in the United States. An estimated 6 to 8 of every 1,000 deliveries result in a birth injury. Worst of all, researchers have found that many are preventable. One study found that at least 157,000 birth injuries were preventable in 2006. This is unacceptable, and too many families are expected to cover the costs after their child has their life changed forever. Medical debt is common after a birth injury, but there are ways to help offset financial strain. Hiring the right birth injury attorney could be the deciding influence in compensation that your child receives for the past, present, and future medical care they need.

When you call Birth Injury Guide, you are reaching out to a resource dedicated to helping families find the best Maryland birth injury attorneys, regardless of their income. Birth injury lawyers only collect fees when they win results in a case—this means that families do not need to worry about how they will pay their attorney. The best help is available for your child, and you always have the best choices for legal representation when you contact Birth Injury Guide.

Start taking steps toward financial stability and the best care for your child by calling us today (844) 243-9993. Or, fill out our simple online form right now.

Common Risk Factors that Lead to Birth Injuries

If you experienced one of these issues during birth and your child is showing symptoms, you might have a case. Call (844) 243-9993 today.
  • Larger Babies

    When a baby is disproportionately large relative to the due date or the size of the mother.  

  • Premature Birth

    Babies born prior to 37 Weeks are at a heightened risk of birth injury and often have complicated medical problems. 

  • Cephalopelvic Disproportion (CPD)

    Size and/or shape of mother's pelvis was not adequate for baby to be born vaginally.

  • Hypoxia

    Occurs when a baby is deprived of oxygen to it's brain, before, during or after delivery. This can lead to a variety of severe brain injuries. 

  • Prolonged Labor

    Labors lasting longer than 20+ hours can cause HIE, cerebral palsy, infection, sepsis, meningitis and many other issues to the baby. 

  • Abnormal Birth Position

    Babies born face first, feet first or buttocks first are at risk as the baby could become stuck in the birth canal. 

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